About the Butt Cruise

Welcome to the Big Bear Sportsman's Club 3rd annual "Big Bear Butt Cruise" taking place on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015. This   cruise is composed of four different rides:  

The 2015 cruise is once again scheduled to take ALL riders across Tippy Dam!  Here is the 2014 rides... we plan to keep the majority of the rides the same pending any construction or other great opportunities (such as a Dam crossing!)

DOWNLOAD THE 2014 ROUTE MAP - We will update to the 2015 map once we finalize routes based on road conditions, etc.  Please check back, however, we plan to run a similar route as shown below for 2014.


Our picturesque SAG stations

Our SAG stations are not just a place to stop and refuel.  They are a place to stop and enjoy the picturesque landscape that makes our county Pure Michigan.  Here is a list of our current SAG stations that are a MUST stop when you are out riding in the inaugural cruise.

  The Arcadia Ovelrook (Inspiration Point - M22)

The Arcadia Overlook was an obvious choice as a SAG stop on the inaugural BBBC.  Just look at the beautiful landscape high atop this natural dune. The 100k, 160k and 200k rides will pass by this beautiful rest stop that you are sure to want to relax at for longer than just a few minutes.
  Whitefence/Bear Creek River Access (River Road)

Bear Creek is part of the Manistee County Explore the Shores program. This universally accessible fishing/sightseeing platform overlooks the Big Manistee River just off of River Road.  This is a great spot to stop and admire the beauty and power of the Big Manistee River. All rides will pass by this beautiful location.
  Red Bridge (Coates Hwy)

Red Bridge is an anchor point to the famous Manistee River Trail and North County Trail hiking loop.  This hiking trail is traveled by thousands each year from around the country looking for a picturesque hike with views overlooking the Udell Hills as well as the Big Manistee River.  This trail is also famous for the "Little Mac" suspension bridge to the north and the Hodenpyl Hydroelectric Dam. The 160k and 200k Rides will pass by this location.
  Onekama Village Park (Main Street - Downtown Onekama)

The Onekama Village Park is a great spot to stop and enjoy Portage Lake. Famous for its sailing regattas as well as the historic Portage Point Inn, the Lake is a frequent vacation spot for those from across the midwest looking to retreat to Pure Michigan charm. All rides will pass by this location.
  Downtown Frankfort (Main Street - Downtown Frankfort)

Downtown Frankfort is a hot spot in the summer with travelers and locals alike.  The little coastal community is home to many boutiques as well as great dining locations.  Be sure to check out the beach on your way through and on your way out you will ride down Forest Avenue, famous for Victorian homes and beautiful decor. The 200k ride is the only ride that will take riders into Frankfort.
  Crystal Mountain

Nestled just outside the Northern edge of Manistee County you will find the Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa. 100k, 160k and 200k riders will all pass by this beautiful area that is a four seasons playground for any outdoor enthusiast.  


The two long haul rides take you over some fairly difficult terrain, but the challenge is worth the reward as the views are amazing. We recommend that you be an experienced rider for either of these two rides. For the two shorter rides (50k and 100k) riders can be newer to the biking world and will find a lot of enjoyment out of this ride. There are plenty of refueling stations along the way and great places to stop, so don't feel intimidated.